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Be remembered, leave a legacy!

Imagine how you will be remembered and loved by those you will leave behind and the generations to come who might never meet you but want to have a connection with you. Think about securing the future for your loved ones and feeling good about doing that today. Start now while the feeling is strong.


Let your loved ones know your plans

When you are ready, let your chosen people know about how you are protecting them, think and talk about a celebration of your life, the music and food that you love, look at organisations that you think are doing good things and bequeath to them. It costs nothing to show care and love.


Arrange your ceremony of life

When you have made some of these choices you are going to be loved more and remembered better, easing burdens for those close to you and they will celebrate you for all of this. Treat yourself to a celebration for making a positive difference. You are a winner at the finish line.

Express and share all your ideas about your life in preparation for the unknown end. Kwaetus helps hard conversations to happen before it is too late.

You deserve to feel very good about protecting your loved ones. Kwaetus assists you in organising your affairs, helping you to think about the finish line of your life, to cross it supported by those that you have taken care of, who have loved you, and giving something to those that could use your help. Start today and keep going, your life will be remembered better for it.

Your private data is secure with Kwaetus

No one but you will have access to your private information. We take security and privacy very seriously.

End of life planning is a lifelong journey that you can start today.

No documents or final decisions required yet, you have your entire lifetime to ruminate. And Kwaetus will help you on this journey.


Bequeath £1000 to a charity of your choice.

when you bequeath more than £1,000 to your chosen charity or charities.

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