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Will your legacy last longer than you?

A legacy is important.

One of the questions that you hear asked of political figures as they are defenestrated is ‘what will their legacy be?’

Commentators would have you believe that we are all planning on leaving a legacy, making some lasting impact for those that follow us, but I am unconvinced. Even great musicians and artists are working in the here and now, they aren’t thinking about future generations admiring their work, or at least very few of them are. I heard Bernie Ecclestone being interviewed and he pointed out that whilst he has been credited for his great vision for F1 the truth is that opportunities presented themselves and he did the job required at each step of the way. It wasn’t the case that he had some great long term vision. Sometimes prosaic matters such as hoping to get paid or supported by patrons are more pressing than preparing a legacy.

However, there are few of us for whom the feeling that we have done something positive to contribute towards future generations would not appeal. Saving the world, helping young people, sharing love and being posthumously admired are all highly desirable.

Of course if we die prematurely, the clock stops suddenly all those we leave behind will have of us is are memories, whatever work we have created, our phones and photos, our social media snippets and some physical assets. That would be a shame, not terrible, but not ideal, even though we will be none the wiser.

This thought prompted a simple process idea. There are lots of great ideas available now and surely more to come. For example I have a friend of long standing whose new business is to help partner you with a professional writer to leave a written statement to those loved ones and, or, the world. And our new business, Kwaetus, helps you specify the charities that you want to positively impact and decide on the amount for them.

I would love to write a song that would last forever, but Paul Mcartney, or John Lennon I am not. My drawing skills are even lower, so there will be no exceptional art left by me, but I can make a really positive impact on the living by collaborating with you and others and giving to worthwhile charities: There is no need to simply disappear, pay my taxes and be gone with the wind.

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