No thank you, I don’t want to think about it

When we think about how humans are able to organise and plan we primarily concentrate on life event planning; work, family, social interactions and others. What we show here is how this doesn’t naturally follow through to the end of life, or more plainly, death planning. The consequences of this group failure are unpalatable, but there are big inroads being made by various organisations to help remedy the problem.

Probably like you I focus on organising the life things and try to avoid thinking about death, especially my own, other than to imagine it is a long way off. Of course I cannot know this for certain and the statistics are really stacked against me; every day I am getting closer to my demise. As Eric Idle’s song goes; life will get you in the end, on that you can depend.

The problem with the ostrich tendency is that when the end comes there are lots of complex arrangements and decisions that others, normally those closest to you, will have to make without reference to your own wishes. Ignoring the subject can expose you and the people around you to unnecessary pain, suffering and hidden costs. 

The barriers are a fear of the unknown, social norms that make it awkward to bring up this subject unless the moment is at hand, and a lack of experience or structure around having this conversation. The wrong mindset has been around for too long ‘When I am dead, I don’t really care what happens after ''. The degree to which these barriers seem to affect someone appears to have much to do with how that person managed the subject of death throughout his or her life. Death is the one journey we are all destined to make. Sometimes the moment comes early and truly unexpected. This is always difficult and heart-wrenching for everyone involved.

In recent years attitudes have started to change for the better and death is no longer quite so taboo. Kwaetus is one of a number of firms that are making the leap towards more transparency and less secrecy around death. Using technology, you can now easily complete our end of life plans and arrange your ceremony of life online. Once done, you just have to share them to at least to your Executor so they can ensure your wishes are respected in the event of your death. Those who are able to engage their mortality more deeply, and use Kwaetus to inform and instruct their goals and decisions throughout their life, are more likely to be prepared and even content when the doctor has to tell them that their time is drawing near. 

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