Answers to the most common questions we receive about our solutions.

Why is it called "Kwaetus"?

Kwaetus is derived from the Latin word quietus, meaning being released from life peacefully, being calm and tranquil. Kwaetus is designed to remove headaches and hidden expenses people can experience when someone passes away. It is an easy collaborative online platform where you can plan and share your ideas about what happens to your memories and your possessions now, while you can, which is the right time to do it. Kwaetus is there to solve one of the biggest issues; today more than half of British citizens run the risk of having their estate distributed solely according to intestacy law because they don’t have a will in place. At best it will be inconvenient, at worst it could trigger bitter disputes and lead to some loved ones missing out entirely. Kwaetus makes the process of passing material possessions and validating your life into a shared experience.

Is my profile secure and private? Can I trust Kwaetus with my data?

Your trust is the most important thing to us. We will never sell or share personally identifiable information (PII) with any 3rd party. We are committed to protecting your privacy and security, as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Is the will legal?

The will that you can produce directly on the platform is legal in England and Wales, but only once you have printed it and signed it in front of two witnesses, who must be over 18 years old and not themselves beneficiaries of your will.

If your affairs are complex, you require Trusts, or have assets outside of England and Wales then we recommend that you contact a local professional and we have provided contacts to help you. You can create your will and review it for free on Kwaetus, but to print it for signature and witnessing you need to subscribe. This is totally free from charge if you make a bequest in your will of more than £1,000 to a charity, or charities, of your choice.

What about my wishes, or letter of wishes

We help you to create a will by asking the important questions to get you thinking about dependents and all of the assets you would need to protect. You can use your answers to populate your will. Once your will is completed you can review before paying to subscribe to Kwaetus. You will be able to safeguard it and share it with your loved ones online or by subscribing and printing your will.

Decisions that don't need to be "legally binding"

Not all end of life decisions need to be in legal documents to come true. For example, if you want to play Beyonce or Fleetwood Mac at your funeral, your loved ones just have to know about it for them to carry this out. The most important thing for these types of decisions is to make sure they are known so that they can be honoured. While these planning documents don't need to be legally binding, they provide invaluable guidance to your loved ones to carry out your wishes and honour your life in a way that is most true to who you are.

Who should use Kwaetus?

Kwaetus is for everyone. Everyone will die someday, so we should all give a bit of thought to our preferences. Kwaetus is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to:

  • Make sure their wishes are known and followed
  • Get guidance on what planning they should do
  • Know if the planning they have already done is sufficient
  • Unburden their loved ones from having to make these decisions for them someday
  • Help their aging parents plan
  • Protect their children or spouse should anything happen to them
  • Protect their adult dependents should anything happen to them
  • Have more peace of mind and perspective

Gift your loved ones with the information they will need someday to make it easier on them.

I've already done my planning on paper. Should I sign up for this?

It's great if you have already written down your end of life wishes! A worry a lot of offline planners express is that their paper documents might not be found by family when they are needed. For example, will your family remember that you have a binder or packet of documents in the desk? Think of Kwaetus as a one stop shop for all of your current end of life wishes. We'll also help you explore other preferences that most traditional planning tools do not cover. When you share your material possessions with your loved ones, you have confidence that they have 24/7 access to your planning from a secure cloud. You can easily grant or revoke access for anyone. If you update your plan on Kwaetus, the people you have shared with will always see the most up-to-date version of your plan.

I already have a will. What does Kwaetus offer that a will does not?

A will is a great start! However, there are many end of life preferences that a standard will does not always address. We help you think through the personal, human preferences that a will may overlook:

  • Detailed wishes for end-of-life medical care
  • Ideas for a more personalized and comforting ceremony of life
  • Ideas for unique ways to memorialize someone
  • A digital asset plan (e.g., social media, online accounts, etc)

Those are just a few examples. Kwaetus helps uncover your values across all areas of life so you can be clearer on your preferences, and so your loved ones can be clear on them, too.

I want my loved ones to use Kwaetus, but they don’t feel ready. How can I encourage them to do this?

One of the most effective ways to encourage someone to plan is to plan for yourself first! Share your plan with them. This helps them better understand that every responsible adult should do some planning, and makes it a lot easier for you to say, "We've talked about my wishes, but now I really want to know what matters to you. I worry about having to make these decisions for you someday. Kwaetus made it easier for me to plan. Would you like to give it a try?"

I find death unpleasant, scary, and I am not ready for it either. Should I sign up for this?

We completely understand that thinking about death can be challenging. We guide you on how to get started and enable you to go at your own pace and plan as much as feels right to you. For many of our users, thinking about the end of life can be a motivating factor to live life to the fullest. It can put things in perspective and give you and your loved ones more peace of mind. We cannot control the circumstances, but we can control how we live, and how we plan. We can prevent our loved ones from having to make difficult decisions without guidance from us.

Can I use Kwaetus on my phone?

Yes! Kwaetus is designed to be used on any device with an internet connection: computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

What happens to my plan if Kwaetus isn't around anymore?

Rest assured, you will not lose any planning you do with Kwaetus! We greatly value the trust our users place in us to keep their plans safe and secure for the long term. That said, we understand the concern some people may have about saving their end of life plans online with a company. We are committed to protecting the information in your profile, no matter what the future holds. You own all of the personal information in your Kwaetus profile, and you can remove and delete your account at any time. In the event Kwaetus would need to cease operations, we would ensure our users receive access to a copy of their plan for printing or digital safekeeping elsewhere. Additionally, you will have a printed version of your will to refer to as should your executor. We are carefully managed with sufficient financial resources to continue growing Kwaetus for years to come.

What to do when someone dies?

Please see our immediate steps of what to do when someone dies.

Support through the Legal side of Bereavement?

Please see our bereavement support flyer

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