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The only platform that gives you the opportunity to list all your final wishes. When ready, share them with your family and loved ones.

Sharing makes a difference.

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How it works


Complete your Kwaetus Advanced Planning dashboard

We've gathered all the information you need to plan (health directives, final words, funeral arrangements etc) Make sure you have it 100% completed.


Edit your final wishes

Express what you would like to have at your own funeral, write your eulogy, list your valuables and then when you feel ready share them to your loved ones using the share button. The people you share to will be notifed via email and receive a copy of your instructions and plan.

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Well done! You found the easiest and simple way to start the discussion!

Talking about final wishes can be difficult. We made it simple for everyone to communicate end of life plans and wishes at their own pace.


Why is sharing so different and necessary?

Traditionally writing your will was a solitary task and you would not readily share your plans with your loved ones. This strategy avoids awkward dialogue and possible confrontation. However, we strongly believe that difficult conversations are best had now, in the absence of serious health issues, or other difficulties.

Naturally you might be nervous about informing people about bequests that you are going to make. After all, it might encourage them to wish you gone. In fact the reverse can be true too. With plans loved ones are aware of they will plan their lives accordingly and love you all the more for it. With the appreciation these conversations are hard to start we have designed Kwaetus to help make it easier.

When should you share?

You can share ideas as you make note of them on Kwaetus and your family and friends will receive a notification (if you elect to notify them). Immediately the communication channel is open and you can start an honest dialogue with the people that you love. This takes a lot of pressure off of everyone including you.

How do I share my last wishes?

When you review your Expressions of Wishes there is a button you can press to share. When you detail any property and residual estate you can share it directly and also when you list your cherished possessions. You don’t have to share anything now, but we think it will have a positive impact if you do.

When does this sharing become effective?

Sharing means the people you have chosen will be notified now. But of course nothing that you have detailed in either your Expression of Wishes or your Will will become effective until you are dead. At that point you will have no influence on this world at all except through the instructions and wishes you have expressed in Kwaetus or elsewhere in a will. Your executor will be responsible for ensuring that your wishes are followed and your legal will has the backing of our robust legal system.

The positive impact of doing this can be enormous, and conversely, if you fail to make these plans and you die, it can lead to long lasting pain and discomfort for those you love.

If you want to be remembered well, then please share through Kwaetus your ideas and bequests. Encourage others to do this too. By detailing where everything is and what you want to happen, those closest to you are going to thank you, because you have not created additional stress for them when they are grieving losing you in their lives.

This is what the sharing part of Kwaetus is all about; making it easy, without having a tough conversation, to show your loved ones that you have made plans, to show them love.

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